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Check Airtel 2G/3G/4G Network Coverage in your Area

Airtel is gearing up for its major networks transformation journey worth over ₹60,000 Crores. The planned transformation will further enhance the reach of Airtel’s basic voice services as well as the high-speed (3G/4G) internet services by adding 26,000 additional sites by March 2016 out of which 23,000 will be high-speed data enabled.

Airtel has launched its micro site at airtel.in/leap as part of its Project Leap. Leap allows the public to check what areas are covered under the Airtel’s network and if high-speed (3G/4G) data is available in these areas. Alongside that, the Project Leap website also showcases the areas or locations where there is planned upgrade of high-speed broadband and data services. All this can be seen on a map which covers whole of India. Specific towns and locations can be searched for allowing quicker reach to the information that users need.

airtel project leap
Airtel Project Leap Website

Check Airtel Coverage & Services in your Area

You can make use of Airtel’s Project Leap to check if Airtel’s high-speed data services are available in your locality or if Airtel is planning to introduce the same in the coming months. It is a simle and easy 3-step process:

  1. Open Airtel Project Leap website.
  2. Zoom into the map to locate your region or use the search button.
  3. Check what services are available in your area:
    – Purple highlights availability of basic voice and 2G data services
    – Yellow indicates availability of high-speed data services (3G and 4G)
    – Red Towers indicate the sites available in a particular locality

Airtel is being completely transparent about the availability and the availability can be checked as deeply as the street level. Is your area covered under Airtel network or getting the upgrade soon? Let us know in the section below 🙂

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