New Software Update 7.36 seeding for Asha 311; Stability Expected!

Good news for the Asha 311 users. After updating all the Asha touch devices, finally Nokia has found time for Asha 311 as well. A new software update is available for the Asha 311. The version number is now pushed to 7.36, the previous one was 5.92.


Currently showing up for India, the update might not be available in all regions. Check if you get it.

The full download size is 145MB, slightly bigger than the previous one. I’m gonna update now and see if there’s something worth mentioning. Some are saying Nokia Music is removed, maybe that’s because Mix Radio is arriving xDasha 311 update 7.36 available

Asha 311 7.36  update changelog

  • Improved features and performance
  • Updated apps
  • Better stability

Good vs Bad about the update:

  • Twitter app with Push Notifications
  • Updated Nokia Xpress Browser (no major improvements though)
  • Updated Notifications app (can enable/disable specific notifications now)
  • Added few new Full version games from Gameloft and EA.
  • Some internal software improvements and bugs removal.
  • Mail app doesn’t auto updates inbox. No push notifications.
  • Only Nokia Mail available in Chat.

How to update?

To update, either use the Nokia Suite on your PC, or else you can update through FOTA by navigating to Menu> Settings> Phone Settings> Software Updates.


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      • Nahi h Bhai…….. Mere Nokia ashamed se Hindi language hat a hai…..koi tarika bataiye….wapas Hindi laane ka

  • Agr NOKIA ASHA 311 mai whats app downlaod karne k badh dusri bar data on krna pr whats app network na pakd paya to whats app ki setting mai ja ke ya process apply karen aur whats app network pakd lagi . Process = ( Setting + About + Check for update )

  • i have been using this nokia asha 311 for four years now but its giving me a hell lot of trouble but though i still love it and i wish that it delivers better services to us the users

  • How can I get my Asha 311 (purchased March 2016) from pre-installed v3.81 to latest availabkle 7.36 now that the Nokia store discontinued?


  • if i already have 7.36 in my nokia asha 311 & i want to download/update it again, then how can i do it???????????

    • Frankly speaking, downgrades are impossible and you can upgrade, but unfortunately no more updates are planned for the Asha family of devices.

  • Sir meray mobile nokia asha 311 ka k0i b app kam nai kr ra, 2 dfa rest0re b kiya hai,
    whats app mumber registered krtay wqt
    the certificate issued by unrecognized
    ka msg sh0w krta hai, plz urdume btaye mujhy k mujhy kia krna chahiye thank y0u..

  • Sir me ne apny foon k0 2 dfa restore kia hai phir b whats app me wohi certificate ki probelem ati hai number rigister krtay wqt,
    and agr me apnay foon ka softwere 2bara krwa lon to ye problem khatm h0 jaye gi k nai,

  • Dear sir,
    I have download what app on my nokia 311 many time but it’s not work on the time of number registrasion, the problem showing about certificate..what can i do?
    Plzz help me

  • Hello dear sir,
    how can i can i update all apps softwares nokia asha 311..
    Aspecially what’s app imo viber hd videos etc.

  • Narendra bhai pls mera bhi ans dena mene v 7.36 update kiya hai mere phone me language me hindi nahi aa rahi hai kya karu

  • Hello guys i have nokia asha 311 and my phone need for reset but my friend chang the reset code then what i will do

  • My nokia asha 205 can’t supported facebook messanger .previous version also deleted but no use. Please help me

  • Need help, i have asha 311 but whenever i put sim card of airtel or any other inside and start the phone then it’s going to start but somehow it’s stop and switch off.

    With out sim cards, it’s running.

    So what was the issue with the cell.

    I have updated version V 07.36.

  • Whoever was asking for for touch problem may show it to the repairer as it may be the problem of. Touchpad or either software issue.The shopkeeper may ask u 500 bugs for d repair or 5.6$ if not in India

  • On my asha 311 the notification app is damaged .it shows ‘registration failed check time and date setting’.and also the app namely ‘mail’ doesn’t response whenever i touch.whats are the solutions?

  • Can,t download apps from ovi store. Most of the apps are showing ‘no valid certificate’.
    What’s the problem?

  • i just updated whatsapp to 1.42 version in my nokia asha 311 after that i can’t open just shows “invalid application” i don’t know why is that…pls help me out…

  • i updated my asha 311 to 7.36, nokia express can work with connected wifi, but fb, twitter, mail, and other apps that must go online can’t work with it, and when i open the apps, it said mobile data connection to internet has been turn off, i want to use them through wifi, what should i do?

  • is it okay to use Nokia music that you provided even the Nokia music is not available in my country? I’m from the Philippines. thank you

  • one thing more i want to tell…. that when i update my firmware from nokia pc suite… it is updated.. and i have nokia chat app with previous icon.. which has facebook, Gtaik, yahoo mesenger…..

    but when i went to nokia care centre due to other reason they updated my firmware again.. and now i have new nokia chat app with new icon but i have not facebook, Gtaik, yahoo mesenger… in that…

    • Agree.. Nokia Suite does not properly flash the image files. SO the older content stays. But when full flashing is done at NCC, it surely is supposed to go.
      Anyways, no way to go back. So forget it 😛

  • hey men! singhnsk, your the best, in your other page you helped removed some apps that i dont need in my phone but this i have a really big problem with the new update, can you please help me about my problem in my nokia asha 311, the touch screen sometimes doesnt move and it last for long time. i cant text nor do anything on my phone but i can still check the time. could you pls help me. thanks! 🙂

    going to wait for reply 🙂

  • On my nokia Asha 205,nokia store fails to work and i have been trying to download whatsapp but to no avail..whats the problem? Can it be solved?

  • I have nokia asha 205 i update my nokia 205 but the notifications app does’nt work what can i do plz help me….

  • hi,i updated my asha 311 to the v07.36…but since then, the internet web browser does not work,the instant mail does not work, internet radio does not work,facebook nd twitter apps do not work….please this is really discouraging….any help?…please…please

    • Update gone wrong. Sad but this happens sometimes. I’d advice you to visit Nokia Care and get the latest software flashed to your phone.

  • I post a problem on 13th july at 9.37,which you dont reply.Plese singhnsk give some reply early.My mobile set restart more than 2times a day when i play games or search in web.Please tell me what i do.

  • I’m facing a problem.I have 16gb extrnal memory,in that 12.3gb filled up by songs and cinemas.As i love holywood film so i download from HDMOVIESLUV.COM.But on 13.07.2013 i download a part of a cinema and when i going to download the 2nd part of it the mobile set restart.I thought there is problem in that part but when i going to download any other cinema its act same.But surprisngly if i open &search anythng in net its work same.If i talked with anyone the same problem happening.Please help me:-(

  • When i play youtube,i can’t play it even for a nokia asha 311 hang and acts like its restarting.if anybody has a solution,please help me.

  • Thanx again Singhnsk……I deleted those games & with mobimb i cleaned EA games gift & introduction etc. But While deleting Nimbuz,UTV & Musicmania it is showing some error & unable to delete
    PLZ help…….

  • Bro, facebook push notifications not working properly. Facebook app is not showing any notifications. How to solve this problem.

    • This is upto Facebook brother. The app is fine, just some fb accounts are not allowed to push notifications, while others can do that easily. Something wrong with facebook.

  • A new application name NOKIA MUSIC is added in new version,which have 5/7types of music systems to play.Its boaring.I love to surf and download songs.Can you tell me a place from where i can download if nokia music store is not possible then.

    • IF u want your 311 to be more stable and function efficiently, it is recommended.
      IF u update there are some feature cuts tooo….
      Think and decide 😛

  • hey singhnsk the updated games are very boring,can u find a way to delete them as done in previous version.

  • After update to5.92 i can not find the nokia music store,please help me and tell me from where i can get this application

      • Sorry,my software version is-7.36 &as you said i cant find d NOKIA RADIO MIX application.But a new application added name NOKIA MUSIC,there is 7types of music systems.its boaring.i love to surf &download songs.where i can found the NOKIA MUSIC STORE?or a good place to download songs like music store.

          • Thank you very much for your early response 🙂 I hope thd download link will work for me.But why dont i cant get the application by default.And 1more thing,the UTV application is good but the quality of picture is so bad. 🙁

          • Thank you 1nce again for your help.1more question- what type of games support in asha 311 and except nokia store can i download from any other place?if yes then from where?

            • You can download from any source. Just search for 240×400 Java Games and then try playing all that you can find. You’ll find out some good ones too 😀

          • Thanks,the link worked fine,but subscription needed,free time has finished.Do you tell me that what cost of UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD from music store?or is there any other process are to get that unlimited music store download?and i remember about your game suggetion.

  • Hai! Bro i am lot of problem on updating my phone

    1) speed – slow

    2) message typing – slow

    3)touch sensing – slow

    i dnt why ths hapng. I have even used restore factory default but same problem persists WHAT TO DO BRO?

    • My phone is doing all fine since then. I hope you haven’t connected your phone to a PC while doing this.
      If nothing else helps, just go ahead and flash your mobile 🙂

  • Please tell me the way to remove preinstalled videos and music files from my Nokia Asha 311. They are too boring and have occupied a big space of the phone memory.

  • Nokia 311 website mentions latest update is 5.92 … so is 7.36 unofficial … if not then someone please let nokia know that the website is not being updated.

    • 7.37 is official and the this thread on Nokia Discussions was created by a Nokia Employee confirms the same. I’ve sent feedback to Nokia India./ Let’s see if they’re quick to implement that 🙂

  • I updated my 311 to the latest version
    but the default fb in my 311 doesn’t view the videos.
    is it normal?

    • hi friends in my asha 311 i updated new version but i cant get default fb apps pls help me where it is, how i get it

    • This has happened because u have deleted the (frames of images) images which appear frame by frame inside intro app which is stored in phone memory…
      Funny part is that when i flashed my 311 same thing happened to me…. It atleast saves nearly 3mb of phone memory.

  • Will Asha 311 be updated to the new ASHAOS platform similar to 501 … lack of multitasking in 311 wasting the 1GHz processor …

    • Definitely not. Nokia won’t spend so many resources to backport the Asha OS to these phones.
      Just to clear it, even Asha OS doesn’t have any sort of multitasking. Plus most of the phones at the price point of Asha 501 will be able to give you a happy multitasking experience. Those android phones still can’t keep enough apps in the background. Sometimes even can’t run themselves, forget the multitasking.

  • hello mr singhnsk

    updated 311 to latest …

    cannot adjust screen brightness … how to do it?

    also screen dims automatically while playing angry birds … which it should not even if i dont paly it but keep it only running …

    pls from your side put a request to nokia that flash is must now on all phones with 3 megapixel and above … helps in low light … samsung has a flash for its phones in the same price range as 311 … small gesture on nokias part will bring back lots and lots of customers … even the upcoming 501 must have flash ditto the lumia 520

    • The option to adjust display brightness has not been included in the update. About the phone dimming, does it restart? If that’s the case, a software re-install from Nokia Care might help. It runs fine for me.

      Coming to the option to include flash on phones, i don’t know of what Samsung phones are you talking. There’s on flash in Galaxy Y or anything in that price range. Agree to what you said, but there are always some features which are needed to be cut to fit it into the budget. 501 is just the beginning. There will be many more phones in the same lineup, hopefully including some which will match your requirement of flash.

      • no the phone does not restart but it dims similar to a power saving feature where in case of inactivity the phone dims the display … but if the game is running then the display should not dim even if i do not touch the screen …

        similar thing happens in all applications, if the phone is not touched for exaple while reading a web article then display dims … there must be some setting for the same …

        also i find the speed of internet on wifi is awful … ver very slow … dunno why … if its a range problem or antenna problem …

        one more problem is that the 311 speaker sound is very tinny … now i am not saying give a hifi sound but tinny sound is very down market by nokia standards …

        cming to the flash part of it … cmmon 5000 rupees android phones have flash … i am not asking for a high quality flash … but at least similar to that found in android phones costing 5000 rupees …

        flash on 311 / 501 and 520 will reallly add to the value and it would be really a great gesture on nokia part … may be you can get a 312 / 502 / 521 models out and also slightly more battery …

        this would really take the battle to cheap androids which are quite feature ful …

        • Its normal in that case. The phone is required to turn off its display after some time and it will dim it prior to turning it off entirely. I think every phone does that.
          You can however increase the backlight timeout to over 2 minutes which will be enough time for you to read the articles. And a tap on the screen every 2 minutes won’t hurt much. On the other hand, you can ask the phone to keep the lights always on, but for that you need to keep the phone plugged in.

          Better if we don’t talk about those cheap Chinese knock-offs. Reputed brands have more costs to cover and need think of a proper feature set so that the more higher end phones don’t look dumb in front of the cheaper. Those low quality flash lights are nothing more than torch lights, but yeah enough for some to think of buying those phones.

          Not saying that flash shouldn’t be included in Lumia 520, but maybe then it will be hard to sell the Lumia 620. That’s how they put in the features into the phones.

          Let’s see what happens with the more of Asha phones to come. They’ll surely be packing some interesting stuffs, which will make people still purchase them in a market dominated by droids.

  • Seriously this update sucks , the notification isnt working for the Twitter and the facebook just works for the ebuddy , maybe because i didnt see the Twitter and facebook icons at 1st so i installed a new ones and then found 2 copies so i deleted them both and downloaded them again so notification not working , and the nokia chat crap too i hate it i want back the old chat App :S

    • Well, the twitter app works very fine. Gives out all sort of notifications, but sadly the one in the store is not the latest one. Facebook notifications only work for selective accounts. It works for one of my account, but not the other. So that’s something wrong at Facebook’s part.

      Rest chat, i don’t use that, but still its ruined now. Overall a update not worth it. Not to forget those stability improvements and some battery life enhancements.

    • SORRY 🙁 as said by singhnsk, there is no pdf reader for asha 311. There is one app in nokia store but it doesn’t work for majority i.e 99% of tye files present…..

    • Well now when you’ve lost it already, there’s no other choice than go on and try. They’ve never asked me for the invoice. Only if their system indicates that the device is not under warranty, you can challenge them with the invoice. Else its rarely needed.

      • HELLO 😀 i got my phone flashed just now. As u said they didnt ask anything. Everything is perfect now….
        but mail is not working for 1 account.
        i.e. i have loaded 2 gmail a/c – one loads perfectly but the other one doesnt…
        i deleted and config. once again but same result…. 🙁

        • Let me put this way :-
          1.when i add a ‘x’ email, it works perfectly….
          2. when i add ‘y’ email, it doesn’t work but ‘x’ works.
          3. Deleted both and then added ‘y’ email again, it didn’t work.

          What’s happening ???

          • Hmm could be an issue with email address itself? Do you have 2-way login enabled? Or smoothing else changed in settings like disabled pop and forwarding?

  • This update has made 311’s like superman. Flowing smoothly and all those hanging bugs has been kicked out…

  • I think u should do that right away…
    do i need to carry purchase invoice to nokia care ?? i have lost it…
    and what is the price for nokia care protect ??

    • Usually they’ll accept it under warranty without the need of the invoice. They use the activation date as the medium. Still, they have the right to refuse the product under warranty and in that case you need the Invoice (usually doesn’t happen).

      Care Protect can be only purchased if your device is accepted under warranty. Price of Extended Warranty for an Asha phone should be around Rs. 550 – 600.

  • Hi all. Two days since I updated thru FOTA, I have not experienced freezing/restarting, I noticed that the battery stays longer before dying (With the same usage as before: Always on internet thru 3g, wifi). Like I tested it yesterday, charged it in the morning, got full before 7am, use it throughout the day, 7pm still has three bars. I just went to youtube till 9pm. Then by 10:35, thats when it went red. Thats fifteen hours compared to the ten hours before.

    Anyway, its a shame that some were experiencing glitches, like my good singhnsk. I hope it will be fixed soon.

    • yes. i also noticed it and it has also become more stable and not experienced any hangs till now. 🙂 😀

    • Hmm.. sounds interesting 😀
      I haven’t checked on the battery life yet as since the update, it usually stays plugged in to my laptop. Besides that, yes I’m still experiencing those restart and sudden freeze issues (they might have reduced). Think I’m missing something and should go with flashing the phone again. To sum it up, maybe just my expectations were higher 😛

  • I didn’t notice that. Thank you for this valuable information. I always store all my games, apps only on SD. never on phone memory because i don’t trust it in asha 311. it usually hangs but has been removed in this update. thank god…
    gosh u stopped me orelse i was going to backup settings also. thankyou….

  • i have deleted all games and av files as well. do they penalise me when i go to nokia care ????

    did those private folders apperared because of that software which i used to remove those files ????
    (( software which u had given in hacking posts ))

    that software was the best. i am not criticising it but just a thought to be more carefull next time…..

    • Well No. They won’t say you anything because you deleted this or that. If they ask, just say that the phone restarted and they disappeared. That is enough of answer. On the other hand, you don’t even need to mention those folders. A complaint that phone is not working smooth as before is all that they need to hear before they agree 😛

      That software hasn’t done anything as it only adds/deletes files. When it comes to changing properties there’s no such way 😀 Still in case there’s a doubt, I used that for more than 20 times, it never showed those folders. Its the update which is culprit 😛

      • yes yes i realise… i had 2 private folders visible when i updated to 5.92 long back. i didnt think it as annoying. and after this update all files showed this… nearly 20 of themmm…. frustrated.
        i’ll visit and will be back.
        Thank you….

          • thank you…
            if i remove SD card does it effect the nokia maps ?? or can i remove and insert without any fear that nokia maps looses its directory???
            if i backup all the contents and restore after flashing. is it ok ???
            recommended and safe backup contents are ? ? ? ? ?

            • *** I deleted your 2nd comment and made the changes in the initial one only. Sorry about that ***

              Removing SD won’t affect Nokia Maps. if it couldn’t find an SD with Map data, it will start fetching the same from the Web using your data connection (if available). Reinserting the SD will set it back to normal.
              You can backup everything, but because you asked, I’d consider moving my music/video/apps/games from phone memory to SD card and backup the other stuff. My backup is always for Contacts, Messages & Calendar. Never settings (they’re usually messy).

  • After updating
    2 sets of face book and wats app created and unable to delete.
    camera sound ON after updating.

  • specifically dont know. but other nokia java phones have different notification email client right ??? those apps….

    thank you…
    I had updated over the air i.e. 12MB
    only. Now if i update using nokia
    suite, will that private folders also
    gets hidden/deleted ????
    do i need to go to nokia care, just
    for that ?

    • If you’re talking about the app included in older phones, that shouldn’t work in these touch phones as the platform and even the way to interact (touch vs buttons) changes as well.

      Nokia Suite doesn’t fully flash the phone by erasing the previous stuff, so there’s a good chance that the Hidden Folders will still be there. So better visit Nokia Care and ask them to do the job 😀

  • for mail push notification.. can we use nokia’s other ‘push e-mail’ app which has the properties as ame as 311…???

    • Does new mail app works perfectly in ur devices except that push notification ??? mine is a dead app…
      its takes 3 mb and still doesnt load any mails and the account itself autodeletes…WHEN I REFRESH 🙁

      • It works fine for me. Just not the Push Notification. 10 accounts added and all are loaded all fine.
        You may consider re-installing the update via Nokia Suite.

        • thank you…
          I had updated over the air i.e. 12MB only. Now if i update using nokia suite, will that private folders also gets hidden/deleted ????
          do i need to go to nokia care, just for that ?

    • Then you haven’t received the complete update. Nokia admitted that there are some problems in the delivery where users are not receiving the updated apps. So lucky you 😛

  • Is there any way to uninstall the mail app..
    Tried deleting withe the MobiMB software.. but shows error
    If we delete the first mail app and then install the older mail app..
    Will it work..????????

    • yes… i also tried but resulted in error….
      i think it will work when we delete the new app. but the question is how to delete???

      • @ bharath m :
        yaa just want a way to delete it..
        Hope “singnsk” will have something..
        But think thier no way to delete.. 🙁

        • It doesn’t work anyway you try it. I deleted the new mail app and then installed older. Same error!
          You need to forget the older one now. Live without Push Mail. Or maybe Nokia will update it in the future 🙁

    • Just in the menu? Now don’t say that its the still older Twitter Social than the updated standalone Twitter client. Basically its the same app as found in the store, just added an option for Notifications.

      • yep.. it is still the old twitter that you can find in social.

        I tried to download the twitter for s40, but I cant find the settings for push notif.

    • No. The chipset is configured so that the software can’t ever be downgraded. 99% there’s no way to downgrade. Still you’re free to check with Nokia Care.

      • hello. mail app is not refreshing and it says inbox folder and all the folder in that account has been deleted.
        so, how and when will u give chat app ???

  • So sad to hear about no manual brightness control available..
    The official explanation is that “Asha 311 has ambient light sensor, which adjusts the display brightness automatically”..
    But as we know that does not work optimally in all situations..
    I think the people who are running the Asha 311 product program have not noticed it yet..
    And no employee from the Nokia or the dissicusion board bothered to forward this issue to the developers..
    The programmers might be thinking it works properly…
    I have extracted the chat, social , and mail app from the v5.92
    But only the Chat and social app only works properly with all services..
    Bt the mail client is not able to install
    It shows “Invalid application”..
    please help..!!!

  • Hi all. The update finally reached Manila via FOTA. Everything seems alright, although no brightness controller.

        • You did the update over FOTA? :/ Or is it that we Indians are unlucky and received a different mail app package than you? What’s your version number of Mail?

          • Yup I did it via FOTA last night.

            Mail version is 3.2, build is 3.0.80,

            the twitter app that I have here is version 1.0.4, the one that says twitter for s40.

            • The one in store is the old one only. The update is not uploaded on any servers. Do you need that? I can zip the jar and jad to send to you 🙂

              Twitter for S40 – 1.1.0
              Mail – version 4.0.12, build 4.0.12

              Seems like many apps are not included in the FOTA update and it only adds the firmaware level improvements, not apps. Lucky you! Still have the older mail. Keep it this way only 😛

  • Hello there….
    Thanks for helping me out in turning off camera sound in asha 311. I have updated to the latest version 7.36 today. But got 2 problems :
    1. lost nokia chat : i loved gmail chatting , facebook simultaneously. do u have that jar file. i want it eagerly.

    2. i am seeing those hidden private files in ‘my apps’ and ‘games’. how to make them hidden.

    thankyou. … awaiting reply

  • Dear sir ,

    i have updated my nokia asha 311 but now i am facing lots of problems 🙁 introduction application and mail application is not working now and chat application (facebook chat , gtalk, msn n etc.) has removed 🙁 so can u please help me how can get back these application ?

  • How to change password nokia asha 311,how paush while video recording & thanks for my camera sound off.

    • 1. Change password:
      Settings> Security> Access Codes> Change security code

      2. No way to pause a video recording. You need to stop it and shoot a new one later.

      3. Thanks for the feedback. Feels great 🙂

  • Dear sir

    After i updated my nokia aasha 311 . i got two copies of watsapp messenger installed to delete any one copy?

  • i hv updated my phone, bt introduction application stops working.
    plz tell me how to hard format nokia asha 311

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