How to Activate the New Twitter Profile on your Account

Twitter recently started rolling out the new profiles, which resemble a lot to the Facebook Timeline. Other things aside, the new profiles look a lot more attractive. You can add a big photo to the header of your profile and even pin some of your tweets that you want everybody to see on the top. But if you are here, you surely already know about all that’s new in the brand new Twitter profiles. So here’s how to get it on your account.

Just click on the link above and sign in to your Twitter account. You will be presented with a demo of the new profile design on your account. Plus a notification will appear at the top of the screen allowing you to upgrade to the new profile. Just click on Turn it on and you are done!

twiiter get new profile notification
New Profile Notification

Can’t make up your decision to upgrade? Check out what all is new in the profiles here and maybe they’ll make up your mind? Feel free to comment below about whether you liked the new profile design or not 🙂

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