Download WhatsApp with Different Base Colors

UPDATE: Now onward these WhatsApp Only works on Rooted Phone.

This is an unofficial edit. But the files are assured to be clean with no changes being made to the core WhatsApp functionality.

As we wake up in the morning the first thing which most of us do is checking our WhatsApp for new messages and/or sending morning wishes to our loved ones. But seeing the same green color of WhatsApp everyday can at times look boring. That’s what inspired us to make some edits to WhatsApp for Android to change the base color. Because all the work is already done, you can just download the APK files for the color of your choice and start enjoying!

When you install these modified files, the color changes all over the application i.e. Main Screen, Conversation Screen & the Call Screen. Not only a new color, this also give you new ticks as well as new icon. Take a look at ticks (checks).

Thanks to Alessio Cotardo for designing these ticks.

Steps to Install

  1. Open WhatsApp and take backup of your conversation. Go to Settings>Chats and calls> Back up chats.
  2. Now Download “Lucky Patcher” from here and Install it.
  3. Now grant the Root access to the app.
  4. Now navigate to “Toolbox>Patch to Android” and select “Disable Signature Verification in the package Manager” and hit apply.
  5. Wait for the operation to complete and then close the application.
  6. Now download the WhatsApp APK file in the color of your choice (links below) and install it directly without uninstalling the old WhatsApp.

That’s all it takes to enjoy WhatsApp in a new color, never experienced before 😉

Download Links for Various Colors

Listed below are the various color options which we’ve made available. If your favorite color is missed out, you can follow this guide to edit the files yourself and change the color yourself.

  • WhatsApp in BlackDownload Link
  • WhatsApp in BlueDownload Link
  • WhatsApp in BlueGrey Download Link
  • WhatsApp in Brown- Download Link
  • WhatsApp in CyanDownload Link
  • WhatsApp in DarkGreenDownload Link

Check the next page for 8 additional colors.

WhatsApp Base- 2.12.367
Last Updated–


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  1. Jeffrey January 4, 2017 at 4:59 pm #

    This apps are outdated and needs updating… do no download

  2. elmacho January 14, 2017 at 3:02 am #

    Whatsapp is saying that this version is too old.plzz help.

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