videobb – Earn money by Sharing Videos

videobb_logoAre you fond of viewing and sharing videos? If yes then why not make some extra money by just sharing the videos you like?

videobb is a website, which pays you, when someone watches your video. The number of views will depend on the popularity of the video. If the video is quite popular, it will fetch many views from all around the world.

Make Money with videobb You can share and monetize your video content. They provide a powerful and reliable online video hosting service.
  • Get paid up to US$30/10,000 video views – Highest Payout
  • Earn 25% of your referrals – the Highest in the market
  • You are paid for ALL countries!
  • One payout tier for ALL traffic

How much can you earn?

videobb pays you for every view your video makes. The earnings also depend on the length of the video and also the country of the visitor viewing the video. here’s a simple chart to explain How much you can earn (Click image to enlarge)

Videobb earnings chart

Rules and Conditions:

  • For each user (unique IP), only one qualified view per uploader will be counted in every 24 hours.
  • Rates do not carry any tiers. The above rate card applies to both premium and free users.
  • Both free and premium users can join affiliate program.
  • Minimum payout is US$20. You can request payout at anytime via Paypal. All requested payments are approved every Monday, and payout thereafter within 2 days.
  • Your upload must meet Terms and Conditions
  • Video view by your own account does not count.
  • You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate the system.
  • Users that cheat with referral earnings system will either be met with a suspension or a permanent ban.
  • No restriction for any country – free video view for everyone is guaranteed.


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