Symphony offers huge discounts on Air Coolers

October month is the chilling month in India’s most of the states. The average lowest temperatures of winters in India is around 10-15° celcius. So, no worries that there is a need of any Air cooler. As we all know that Air cooler is the cheapest way to cool. Symphony Limited,  a leading Air cooler manufacturer since 1988 in India has announced officially that they are proving a flat 25 % off on all the Symphony Air Coolers. So, the best buy that i will recommend is the Symphony Ninja Personal Cooler which has a cooling effect of an area of 150 sq.ft. It’s  little strange that to buy a air cooler in winter but there is a reason because you can get this air cooler for just Rs. 3,000, which i think going to be a great money saver deal in this festive season of Dipawali. The actual cost of this Air cooler is around more than Rs. 4,000. It consumes very less power of 90 watts equivalent to your ceiling fan.  Water tank capacity is 16 litres. Honey comb pad is the cooling medium, three speed control, weight around 12 kg, humidity controller, water level meter all are present in this compact air cooler.

Available Models:


Diet 50T, Diet 22T, Diet 8T

Desert :

Winter, Jumbo, Sumo Go

Room :

Kaizen, Jumbo Jr, Sumo Jr, Kaizen Jr

Personal :

Ice Cube, Ninja, H!Cool, Surround

Tower cooler, Desert cooler, Room cooler and personal cooler all types has a specific functions like the cooling area, cooling medium and all that. Buy any air cooler according to your need that best suites your room size. If you will buy a air cooler whose cooling area is less than your room then it will not give you a effective cooling that you want. 

The best thing in Symphony air cooler is that they consume a very less power that saves also your money.  For more info about symphony Air cooler go to

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  1. Shahida May 2, 2015 at 11:17 am #

    I want air cooler with cost of 3500 to 4000
    if it is available please tell the details of product.

  2. Reshma May 18, 2015 at 3:10 pm #

    Air cooler prize

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