Earn money with Smowtion – An Adsense Alternative

Google Adsense is the leader in content sensitive ads. Earlier it was relatively easy to sign-up for Adsense and start showing ads on the websites. But, Adsense now has a very strict Approval process and Usage Terms which is resulting in many users being denied from joining Adsense in first instance. A lot of publishers are also finding their Adsense accounts disabled for reasons that are completely beyond their control.

In situation of Banned or Disabled account, user looks for Adsense Alternatives, but most of the Alternatives are fairly useless. Smowtion is one of the Adsense Alternative which is growing at a good pace and provides quite good fill rate. Smowtion’s look and feel is professionally designed. The adcodes are also supported by sites made in most of the languages.
At Smowtion each impression counts. Because of the agreements with other companies, ads will always bes showing on your site and you will never lose impressions.

The support is also really good, they assign an account executive to each Publisher. In case of any doubts or issues, you can directly contact your Account Executive via Live Chat (if available), or you can leave a email/support ticket.

Fully Compatible with other Text Link Ads

Because Smowtion focuses on display ads and banners, it goes great with other text and content link options such as Google Adsense™ or Text Link Ads.
Not only they are compatible with other networks, they also recommend that you consider them as an alternative to the tags you’re currently using on your site. In this way, you’ll increase your income by just adding a tag (Current income + Smowtion income).

Payment Options

You can choose among three payment methods:

  1. An ATM card
  2. A check sent to your address
  3. Transfer to your PayPal account


Signing up for Smowtion is quite easy. Click the banner below or go here to get an additional 20% revenue share. If you signup directly, you’ll get 60% revenue share, but signing up using the banner below will give you 80% revenue share.

Smowtion - Adsense Alternative

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