Nokia Lumia 920’s Camera Capabilities better than iPhone 5 and S3 (Video)


Recently, folks at Engadget had the chance to test what is being called the most innovative smartphone yet, the Nokia Lumia 920. They were able to put its camera at work and test out its Image Stabilization technology. iPhone 5 has just been out in the market and they also managed to place the iPhone 5 together with the 920 to show us which performed better.

As expected, the new flagship from Nokia wins the race. The 920 was able to record much smother video than the iPhone 5. It is equipped with a camera module that pairs both sensor and lens-based optical IS, hence producing much better recordings than any other smartphone available yet (read below).

Later, they also compared the Lumia 920’s camera with the Samsung Galsxy S3 and HTC One X. Its worthwhile to say that it topped them yet again. Another point to note here is that the Lumia 920 available to them was still an early Prototype and the final version will have much more improvements to produce more better videos.

After these tests, we can easily claim that the Lumia 920 is equipped with the best camera module among any other smartphones available yet (leaving the 808). So, it should be the top choice for a person looking for a smartphone with great camera capabilities.

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