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How to Identify a Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank

xiaomi logoOwing to its quality built, better specifications and cheaper prices, Xiaomi has gained a lot of attention. But unfortunately, more popularity brings more fakes and the present scenario is that there are more fake Xiaomi Power Banks in the market than there are legit ones. I myself purchased a 10400mAh Mi Power Bank from China and although it looks similar to the genuine one, it is not. Listed below are the various tests which would help you in identifying a fake.

Differentiating between Genuine and Fake

Depending on the company manufacturing the fakes, there can be some cases where it works similarly to the genuine one, but it will surely fail most of the following tests.

Official Variants

Xiaomi sells its Mi Power Banks in only 6 capacities i.e.

  1. Mi 5,000 mAh Power Bank (Launched in 2015)
  2. Mi 5,200 mAh Power Bank (Probably discontinued)
  3. Mi 10,000 mAh Power Bank (Launched in 2015)
  4. Mi 10,400 mAh Power bank
  5. Mi 16,000 mAh Power Bank (Launched in 2015)
  6. Mi 20,000 mAh Power bank (Launched in November, 2015)

Out of these, the 5,200 mAh and 10,400 mAh variants are probably discontinued and you’ll barely find them in stores. If you come across a Mi branded power bank which is not in one of the above capacities, it’s a sure fake.

20-digit Code on Packaging – Fakes have it too!

This is the first and easiest step to check if the power bank is genuine. There would only be a very rare case where a fake Power Bank passes this test.

Genuine – Genuine Mi power banks sold in China come with a sticker on the packaging which can be scratched off to reveal a 20-digit code. Entering the code on the Xiaomi website (link below) would confirm the genuine product. However, the power banks sold outside of China via official channels will not carry this sticker. You should definitely look for this sticker unless buying from an officially certified store.

Mi power bank sticker unique code

Fake – Fake Power Bank will usually not include any such sticker on the packaging, confirming that it is fake. Even if it carries one, the ‘times queried‘ on the Xiaomi website will show a very high number because the fake guys want to save costs by printing the code on multiple stickers.

mi verify security code

Website to check the code – mi.com/verify/ (in English)

Length and Branding on USB Cable

Genuine – The MicroUSB cable included with genuine Mi Power Banks does NOT carry any Mi branding. If you see one with Mi printed on it, it is a fake.
For 20000mAh Power Bank – The length of USB cable is longer at around 13-inches with a lightning icon printed on the MicroUSB end.

Fake – Fake power banks usually ship with a USB Cable which has Mi printed on it. Many of us would take this as a sign of genuine product and apparently that’s what these fake sellers want to achieve by printing Mi on the USB cable.

Pass-Through Charging

Genuine: The original Mi power bank supports pass-through charging. What it means that the power bank will also charge a mobile phone connected to it while it itself is being charged. Only necessity is that the input charger must supply enough power and as such, charging via a PC’s USB Port will not help.

Fake: The fake power bank does not have this capability and it will just charge itself and won’t pass on any current to the mobile phone connected to it. It will only charge the mobile when you disconnect the charger from the power bank.

Color of USB Ports on the Power Bank

GenuineThe front visible part of both the Micro USB and standard USB port have a rice white color.

usb color mi power bank

Fake Most of the fake power banks have a milk white color on the Standard USB port and a Black color on the Micro USB port.

Printing at the Bottom

Genuine Has a printing in grey-ish ink which is lighter and clear. It is also well textured which can be felt by moving the fingers over it.bower bank printing branding


Fake – Usually darker and blurry in black ink and sometimes unclear printing.

LED Lights Function when Using

Genuine – Lights blink while showing the power status on the device. At any time, holding the power button will turn off all the LED lights and they light up when the button is released.
Lights are well packed and not even a bit of it leaks out from other areas of the power bank.

Fake – LEDs blink after you press the button once. If you keep it pressed, lights won’t turn off. Lights are also not well packed and often leaks out of the usb ports.

Branding on the Standard USB Port

Update: The branding seems to be missing from the newer 16000mAh power banks, even though they are genuine. It is visible on the newest 20000mAh power banks.

GenuineGenuine power bank carries a small MI branding on the chassis of the standard USB port on the power bank. It is pretty small, but is easily visible while looking under natural lighting or by directing a light source (such as torch) into it.mi logo usb port

Fake – Fakes do not carry any such branding.

Thanks JR for this tip

Inbuilt Batteries

If you are still not able to determine the originality, open up the power bank and check the inbuilt batteries:

Genuine – Branded batteries from international brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and LG.

Fake – Locally produced or counterfeit batteries which are generally of pink color.

NO 20800 mAh Power Bank

There are lot of comments about the 20,800mAh variant. There are some sellers selling a Mi branded Power Bank with the capacity of 20800mAh, but Xiaomi does not offer power bank with such capacity. So if you see a retailer from China or on eBay selling a Mi power bank of such capacity, you know it is a fake one.

Does your Mi power bank pass the tests above or it fails most of them? Let us know below.

Where to Purchase Original Power Banks?

The first place to check is your regional mi.com website and chances are that the store will have power banks in stock for anybody to purchase. If there are none, you can check out one of the following sellers which are confirmed to be selling originals, however price will be higher than the official price.

Indian Buyers
20,000mAh Mi Power Bank – Mi Store
10,000mAh Mi Power Bank – eBay (allphoneunlock)

International Buyers

Check AliExpress. Read the buying guide here.
Check DX.com (a lot of readers mentioned they received genuine Mi products from DX.com)
Check BangGood.com (on recommendation of readers)

If you’ve purchased a Mi power bank from somewhere else and it is found to be genuine, do drop a mention in the comments section and we’ll add the seller here.

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  • I just received 2 pieces of Mi 20000mAh Powerbank 2C with Model Number printed on packaging as PLM067M.
    Address: Tianjin, China
    Production Date: 2017.12
    USB ports with White Strips
    USB ports metallic plate with number + mi embedded
    Authenticity Label is Silver Square – scratched away reveals the code but also easily scrapped away and unreadable
    Authenticity label has a halogram vertical strip that are gone 50%
    Weight: 359g
    Charging both ways: getting charged and charging phone at the same time
    Packaging details in English only and BIG BOLD PRINT: OVERPACK

  • Here in the Philippines, I bought my Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro which includes this 10400mah MI Powerbank. At first I noticed that there is no changes in the capacity of the battery. I charged it for almost half a day and when I finally decided to charge my phone, it turns out that it does not carry such load in the beginning. Yes it has a sign that the pbank is charging. I am so disappointed that the shop I am talking about is one of the well-known in SM North Annex which is GIGA BYTES. There is no MI in the usb port.

  • I just bought a Xiaomi power bank 10,000 mah from LightInTheBox.com.
    Looks genuine.
    It passed all the tests above except for the battery types. (I’m not about to take apart the new device just to check which batteries are inside.)

  • I have bought mi 20000 mah capacity power bank from flipkart.And it follows all the criteria of genuineness which you have pointed..!!

  • MI power bank 20000 mah 20-digit Code is ‘91211819317605773753’
    please verify its orginal or fake. i thimk this ite “http://www.mi.com/verify/” not workin

  • I purchased MI power bank 20000mah from dealzcart.com.i found its not genuine product of MI.it doesn’t chargr even my 2200 mah phone once.

  • I have a mix 10000mAh one. It’s without the Mi branding inside USB and the micro is black. Holding the power button will turn off all the LED lights and the charging, even if released. Pressing it shortly again will resume the charging and the LED’s will light again. On the other hand, it’s allowing pass-through charging and the LED’s react “original” at charging and different button push. The cable length is 13inches and no Mi.

    PS. You put the green check on the black micro in your picture…

      • This is confusing, Lukis. I’ve actually not used a 10,000mAh one, so I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, but I have a slight feeling that you might have received a fake. Let’s confirm a few things about the LEDs.
        1. Does the light leak through the standard USB ports and the Micro port?
        2. When you put the power bank to charge, how many LEDs glow up? For original ones, if you have 3 cells full, then 3 LED’s will stay continuously lit and the 4th would blink.
        3. When you press the power button while the power bank is not being used, it should light up all the LEDs. Then it will reduce down to the number of charged up cells and blink there for about 10 times.
        4. When you use the power bank to charge another device then the LEDs equal to the number of charged up cells would constantly blink.

        Let’s see how your power bank goes around these points.

        • For sure is a fake. Opened it and have 3 (at least) blue cells. I’m planning to change the cells with some old ones from a laptop battery. Does it worth?
          1) Yes.
          2) When discharged, blinks all 4. After 40 mins. we have 3 continuous and 1 blink and in the morning all 4 continuous.
          3) I’ll check.
          4) 3 – 2 – 1 continuous, as it is going empty.
          Now as I have it full charged, I’ll check how many/much I can charge my phone (2.700mA). I’ll revert.

          • Good luck with that, mate. My fake 10400 only delivered about 2 charges of a 1500mAh battery.
            I would not want to replace the batteries because of the way these fakes are made. The circuit and the board does not have any sort of protection against overcharging itself as well as the connected device. So, I’m afraid it could damage itself or your phone over prolonged usage.
            Is it not possible to return the device instead? I got mine from eBay and the seller willingly accepted the return when I told him that it is a fake.

            • I finished my tests. I charged my phone up to 2.500mAh. It was funny that after the last discharge of the power bank and all LED’s were off, I pressed the power button and it started to charge… FROM the PHONE :-). I’ll definitely place it in garbage, as it was bought as second-hand.

              • That’s sad, Lukis. But I’m glad that you are dumping it away. Better to stay discharged than using something like this which can actually damage the phone 🙂
                BTW the original Mi Power Banks are worth the money. However, do not go by the stated capacity. E.g. The 20,000 mAh power bank will only give around 12,700 mAh of output. IDK how the power banks are rated, but that’s kinda the deal for nearly all of them.

                • Dumped it. I have a Canyon 7800mAh. I know how to go from 3,7V to 5,0V and the real 80-90% usage. Starting from my fake Mi, I’m looking more in details about Li cells, harvesting from laptop batteries and I just ordered a charger Opus BT-C100. Can I use recovered ICR cells (LG – LGABD11865), unprotected, in this charger? Can I use them to replace smaller cells from my Canyon?

  • Hi, I bought a 16000mAh power bank online about a year ago, I placed it for sometimes, took it out and connected to LG G5; Android phone, power bank seems not working, no lights on, tried to charged it without success, I am wondering if Xiaomi can repair it or send me a controller circuit board. Please advise.

  • i just bought xiaomi 20000mah gen 2, the package seal was broken, so i read your article, tested it and everything was okay but i could not verify this 20 digits number, the website said “server is busy, please try again later”, is that mean those 20 digits numbers are fake?

  • Bought mine in Souq.com. Mine looks pretty legit except from one thing… the sticker has been scratched by the time I received it.

  • Don’t buy from trapthedeal.com, in India. I had got the Mi 20000MAH power bank from it, and it is found to be of poor quality, Plus there is no return policy from them although they have mentioned the return policy on there site(just for customer to get fooled). The product is of too low quality , and plus fails all the steps mentioned by you.
    Be aware while buying from such sites.

            • It wasn’t officially called as discontinued. But I assumed it to be because the newer design was introduced.
              I’m checking mi.com/in right now and I can only see the 10000mAh variant(s) in stock. The 10400mAh variant is being called out of stock. So, where exactly did you find it in stock?

              • Yeah , now its out of stock but in the morning it is in stock , i have placed my order , i am afraid that i will get a fake one , what do u think

                • Mi.com will not sell fakes. Don’t worry 🙂
                  Maybe they had a few more units available which they listed up and are now out of stock. I hope it won’t be a very old manufacturing though.

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