Export or Download any Subversion (SVN) Repository on Windows

Apache Subversion is a well-known Version Control and Revision management system which is being used by many organizations to keep track of their growing source code libraries or webpage versions. Sure there are critics that there are better alternatives to Subversion, but because I am not doing a review of the service, I’ll leave that topic. Big corporations like Automattic use Subversion for managing their libraries so its really a very popular repository.

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Windows Tool to Download a Subversion Repository

As I was looking for a way to download an entire WordPress Theme repository which uses Subversion, I came across this windows tool called DownloadSVN. You just need to enter the URL of the SVN or a GIT repository and it will download it locally on your computer. You can then use the downloaded library in whatever way you want to.

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Download SVNDownloader – Requires .NET Framework

You can also use a much more advanced tool like TortoiseSVN if you need more tools.

PS: I tried using SourceTree, but firstly its quite a complex tool, plus it does not support Subversion natively, but perfectly works with integrated Git and Mercurial.

Online Tool to Download SVN Repository as a Zip Archive

If you do not want to download any tool, you can just use this online tool called ‘Download / export any SVN repository online‘. The tool is very easy to use with all that you need to do is to enter the remote URL of the particular Subversion repository that you want to download. After entering the URL, click Download ZIP to save the repository as a zipped archive.

As the tool fetches the data and simultaneously creates the archive you’ll see that the downloading is a little bit slower than your connection speed.


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