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Corporation Bank & Catholic Syrian Bank’s Website Hacked by Evilshadow

Nowadays, Hackers are more focusing on attacking Banking related websites which have a large number of visitors. Maybe they want more people to know about them and websites concerning Financial Transactions can provide utmost exposure.

Today (25th March), Corporation BankĀ (corpbank.com) andĀ Catholic Syrian Bank’s (csb.co.in) official websites were attacked and ultimately Hacked by the EvilShadow Team. As of now, the websites are completely inaccessible and every link redirects to the Index page with the EvilShadow’s banner.

It seems like that only the Main website was hacked and the Internet Banking domain of Corporation Bank (corpretail.com) is working correctly, as it should. However, we should still remain Cautious and should not enter our Login Details on any domain until there is an Official Statement from the bank about the incident.

Below is a screenshot of how the website (corpbank.com) looked while it was Hacked:

corporation bank website hacked

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  • Yes, its very true that the site was hacked by evil shadow. I was so worried about that because i have an account there so thank you TeckDevil.com For sharing this Helpful Information.