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Autonomous Nissan LEAF becomes the First Car to get a Driver’s License

Autonomous, or in simple terms Self Driving cars are the future and we will surely start seeing them (in semi-autonomous state) by 2020. Companies such as Google, Audi and Volvo are also working on self driving cars and have their testing prototypes ready. But Nissan’s new project car, the Autonomous Nissan LEAF seems to have a nice achievement as it gets a Driver’s License in Japan, making it the first car in the world to have a full Driving License to drive anywhere in the country.nissan leaf autonomous white

While the self-driving prototypes from Google or Audi do have the licenses to drive in some areas, Nissan LEAF become the first autonomous car ever to enjoy a full driver’s license which means that it has no restriction to where it can drive, be it the highways or the tiny linking roads. Above everything  the Nissan LEAF prototype can even drive itself in the hilly areas or the busy streets.

Japan has been seen trying to attract the world and create its image, so this step is really not that surprising. Not to deny the fact that the Nissan’s Prototype would’ve been in a pretty advanced stage and is capable of judging everything, as otherwise it couldn’t have achieved the license. The more surprising part is as to how the car was given a license. Was it admitted into a Driving School and made to attend the lectures about road safety and driving tips? 😛 Anyways, below is a video of the Autonomous Nissan Leaf in action.

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