13 Ways to Earn Money Online besides Blogging

Earning money online is just as earning it offline.  It is as hard (or as easy) as making money offline.You need to work, put a lot of personal effort and then only you can start your way into earning online. However, hundreds of  Online Marketing Gurus claim that they have a secret formula of making quick money. But, in reality no such term exists. There is absolutely no way to be rich overnight. You need to be persistent and spend considerable amount of time. There are many ways of making money online. Some of these are quick and easy, while the others are long-term ideas.

ways to earn online

Ways to make Money Online:

Making Money with Affiliate Programmes:

Affiliate Marketing is a practice in which you earn commissions by promoting/selling Products of other businesses. You’re paid for each visitor or customer brought by you to the concerned Business. You can become an affiliate of products such as Softwares, Games, Digital products, e-books, themes and courses through websites like LinkShare, ClickBank, ShareASale and PayDotCom.

Earn by Sharing Files Online:

Many websites pay you for uploading and sharing your files with them. You’re paid either by the amount of traffic your download link fetches or by the number of downloads your files get. Sites such as Ziddu, Uploading.com and ShareCash.org pay you for uploading and sharing your files.

Earn by Taking Online Surveys:

Online Surveys are a nice way to get some extra income. Market Research websites are assigned the task of gathering feedback and likes of the Target Audience. When you take part in the surveys, Market Researchers pay you a part of their income for your Participation and Feedback. But, there are many scam websites too which ask you to pay in order to get participation in the surveys. Don’t use such sites.

Earn by Reselling Websites and Domains:

Not all domain names are good catchy. Everyone looks for a nice domain for their website. If you can think of some cachy domain name which everyone will be willing to own, get it registered for some cheap price. And then sell it for Lot More. You can also buy a domain and park it to earn revenue from it. If you can create good looking new websites from scratch, then go on, create one and sell it for a good amount on websites such as Flippa.

Earn by Answering Questions:

If you have plenty of professional knowledge, make good use of it. Share your knowledge by solving other’s queries and answering questions and earn money. Websites such as JustAnswer and Ether let you make money by sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Make Money Using your Video Camera:

YouTube is one of the most popular websites for Online Videos. The popularity of watching online videos is growing with the increase in speeds of Internet Connections. Why not put your Video Camera to a good use. Shoot something exciting and worthwhile to watch and upload it to your YouTube channel. there are other websites such as Break, Revver and VideoBB which share a part of revenue earned by your video.

Get Paid To Help Others:

Installing applications website scripts or platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal can be tricky and difficult for new users. This is where you can put your knowledge into use. Help them in installing the applications and you can charge an amount for your service.

Earn by Installing Softwares/Games:

Many developers who launch a new software/game offer some compensation for trying out their product. You can go ahead and earn by Trying their Software products. Websites such as PinballPublishersNetwork, ESCash and CPALead pay you for Per Installation.

Get Paid to Comment on Blogs:

In the scrable to rank higher in Google, many websites offer incentives for leaving a comment on other blogs with a link to their website. You can leave a do-follow comment on other blogs and charge something between $0.40-$0.60 for your work.

Earn by Freelance Writing:

Many websites require new and quality articles for their Websites/Blogs. If you want to earn faster with your writing expertise, you can write articles and sell them to such websites. You’ll be able to earn $5/500 words on an average, which is a good amount if you want quick money for your work.

Earn by Selling E-Books:

Publishing eBooks can be a good way for extra money. If you have knowledge or expertise in a particular field, you can write an eBook on it for newbies and offer it for sale. You can Price your eBook according to its quality and purchasing power of people looking for that niche.

Earn by Reselling Hosting and Domains:

You don’t need your own servers to start your own hosting business. If you know How to Sell and attract long-term customers, you can go into your own Domains and Hosting business. Big companies such as Hostgator, GoDaddy; etc let you to resell their services under your own brand name.

Earn by Doing Small Tasks:

Small Tasks such as Visting a Website, Signing up for a Service could help you in earning more. There are many websites which offer such small jobs. We’ve made a short list of such Websites here.

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